Pakistan needs to act faster against terrorists: Miliband

Friday, January 16, 2009

ISLAMABAD, Jan 16: British Foreign Secretary David Miliband on Friday urged Pakistan to take swift action against elements believed to be involved in the Mumbai attacks to address a “searing feeling of injustice” in India.Mr Milband, who is on his fourth trip to Pakistan in 18 months to defuse tensions between Islamabad and New Delhi, was speaking at a press briefing in the Bristsh High Commission.Acknowledging Pakistan’s commitment to tackle terrorism, especially to prosecuting perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks, he said his country wanted “actions to go further and … faster”.Terming the arrests a significant first step, Mr Miliband said the detainees should be prosecuted.The two-track approach that he proposed included prosecution of people arrested in connection with the Mumbai attacks and “putting out of business the terrorist infrastructure within Pakistan that is the foundation of the terrorists’ ability to launch attacks in neighbouring countries”.


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